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Tuesday 11 July 2006

Bomb blasts on commuter trains in Mumbai, India

The BBC is reporting that at least six bomb blasts have struck commuter trains across Mumbai killing so far 'dozens' with many more wounded.

Too soon to know what has caused these blasts, but it sounds like terrorist attacks. I wonder who is behind them? Apparently there have been a number of bomb blasts in Mumbai in recent years.

UPDATE: (Tuesday 11JUL06 16.25 BST) Latest news on BBC reports that 'at least' 100 have been killed and 'more than' 250 injured. The attacks were apparently targetted at first class compartments on the trains. Those responsible not yet known - possibly Kashmiri militants, possibly local criminal gangs. It seems that the local police were expecting attacks.

2nd UPDATE: (Tuesday 11JUL06 16.34 BST) BBC now reporting 135 killed in blasts. Frank Gardner (BBC Security Correspondent - the one who was badly injured in Jeddah a while back and whose cameraman was killed) is speculating that there might be al-qa'ida links. Still no real news, though, about who may be responsible.

3rd UPDATE: (Tuesday 11JUL06 16.47 BST) A Mumbai blogger, India Uncut, gives his on the ground reports and links to useful sources of local help. I first started to follow this blog in the wake of the Boxing Day Tsunami 18 months ago, but haven't visited much of late - glad I still had the RSS feed on Bloglines, though!

4th UPDATE: (Tuesday 11JUL06 18.31 BST) More local blogging at Mumbaibog and Mumbai Help.

5th UPDATE: (Tuesday 11JUL06 19.33 BST) BBC says latest death toll is at least 147 and there are probably over 400 injured. Truly grim news.

6th UPDATE: (Tuesday 11JUL06 20.10 BST) The news just gets worse and worse! Latest estimate for the death toll from the BBC at 8pm - at least 170. I expect the numbers of dead and injured will escalate further as rescue efforts continue. Sigh. No more from me tonight as I have overnight guests who will be arriving shortly.

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