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Tuesday 27 June 2006

'Good news' - hope for illiberal regimes everywhere

I am generally in favour of globalisation (I do after all consider myself to be a 'conservative libertarian'), but I hope our own dear government does not decide to follow that bastion of 'liberty and freedom' (Yes, I know, he came off the meds. yesterday - Ed), the People's Republic of China in its latest scheme. The New York Times carries a report about a new draft law there which will impose fines on media outlets which publish news about 'sudden' events which the Communist-led authorities would prefer remained confidential - oh, very probably minor things like 'natural disasters, major accidents and events relating to public health and social safety' - nothing really to worry about, comrades. The Propaganda Department thinks that the existing 'nod and wink' policy of limiting the release of news about major events is no longer a sufficient protection for this disfunctional regime.

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