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Friday 23 June 2006

Gay foster carers gaoled over sexual abuse of young boys

Ian Wathey was gaoled for five years and his partner Craig Faunch received a sentence of six years following their conviction for sex offences last month, during their sentencing hearing at Leeds Crown Court. The pair are from Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

It is clear that these men have badly abused the trust that was placed in them as foster parents and I hope that Wakefield Council takes on board and addresses the criticisms of Judge Sally Cahill QC in failing to take action when they first became aware of what was going on. In her remarks to the two convicted men, Judge Cahill QC said:

"Once you realised social services would not take any action and believed your ridiculous story about why you had taken it, you went on to abuse others in your care, believing yourself safe from the authorities."

As I have written before in this blog, gays and lesbians are no different from any other segment of our society - there are some evil and perverted individuals in all groups. I am glad these two have been caught and sentenced to punishment.

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