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Wednesday 10 May 2006

"I won`t allow gay men in my team!"

... so says Carlos Alberto Parreira, manager of the Brazilian national footbal team, in advance of the upcoming World Cup in Germany; naturally the idiot denies being 'homophobic' in these weasel words:

"Please, do not misunderstand. I have nothing against gay people at all. People’s sexual orientation is no one’s business but their own. But I don’t think gay people can adapt in football, and it would be better for anyone for them to stay out of this game."

- you're either a liar, Mr Perreira, or a completely deluded fool! What you may be trying to say, in your clumsy way (I suppose) is that some of the bigots in and around the Brazilian team and football generally, such as yourself and most probably some of your 'star' players, are unwilling to adapt to the presence of a few queers in first class football!

Now, readers of this blog will probably have gleaned from my occasional mention of football that I find it a game that is tedious in the extreme - booorrrriiiinnngggg!!! However, to end this narky post in a somewhat lighter vein, I was very intrigued yesterday to see televised interviews with the latest addition to the England national football team for the World Cup, the 17-year old Theo Walcott - now there is one good-looking young man who actually sounded quite articulate and commendably level-headed during his interview; I would be highly-surprised if he is in any way 'gay', but it does make a pleasant change from the too usual foul-mouthed and/or foul-behaved football player, aka 'yobbo' - no I'm not thinking exclusively of Wayne Rooney, although he certainly figures in that halcyon group of 'heroes'.

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