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Friday 5 May 2006

Gay teen shot in Iraq ...

... and, reports Ali Hili, an exiled gay Iraqi who is Middle East Affairs spokesperson for the London-based gay human rights group OutRage!:

"According to a neighbour, who witnessed Ahmed's execution from his bedroom window, four uniformed police officers arrived at Ahmed's house in a four-wheel-drive police pick-up truck."

"The neighbour saw the police drag Ahmed out of the house and shoot him at point-blank range, pumping two bullets into his head and several more bullets into the rest of his body."

If this is true, and the claims of Rainbow for Life, an Iraqi gay group, are borne out:
"[it] has blamed the killing spree on the Badr Corps, the military arm of the Iranian-backed Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, the country's most powerful Shiite group."
- it will indeed be a very worrying sign that a new element has been added to the already very worrying security situation in Iraq.

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