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Thursday 4 May 2006

Anglicans may suffer new threat to unity ...

... and once again it's because (whisper it quietly!) of the possibility of another openly-gay minister being elected a Bishop within the US Episcopalian Church, in this case Rev. Canon Michael Barlowe of San Francisco, Very Rev. Robert Taylor of Seattle and Rev. Bonnie Perry of Chicago, who are all being considered for the post of Bishop of California to replace Rev. William Swing, who is retiring. Frankly I think there are more relevant things for the social conservatives to worry about, both in the US itself and elsewhere throughout the world - poverty, hunger and the scourge of childhood diseases in many parts of the world, just for starters. Surely if it is about anything at all, those and similar issues are what Christianity should stand for. And the Anglican Communion would presumably claim to espouse the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, one supposes.
(The LA Times article on this subject is here.)

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