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Wednesday 19 April 2006

Unions say they will attempt to overturn Peugeot decision

The decision by Peugeot to close its Ryton car plant is obviously very distressing. However, the idea that the unions or the Government will be able to 'persuade' the company to reverse its decision is, I would conjecture, rather unlikely to succeed - unless it involves a guarantee of massive public subsidy for the foreseeable future. Quite apart from anything else, EU rules prohibit that and whatever view one may take of the EU even 'euro-sceptics' (of whom I am not one) can at least be grateful for this. The most idiotic comment I heard today on the radio was one of the Labour government ministers, Trade and Industry Secretary Alan Johnson I think, saying words to the effect that the government would do the same as it had in the case of Rover - just so long as their intervention/interference is limited to providing temporary assistance to retrainable workers and not in some futile effort at pouring public money into hopeless cases - just as they did in the case of Rover in the run up to the last lot of elections, in fact! With local government elections scheduled for England next month what other comment is necessary with this spin-obsessed Labour government.

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