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Monday 3 April 2006

"I'm not anti-gay" says Australian PM Howard

Do you believe him? Referring to his opposition to the plan by the Australian Capital Territory authorities to recognise partnerships between same-sex partners, Mr Howard is reported as saying:

"That's wrong. This is not an anti-homosexual gesture, [it is intended to preserve the] special and traditional place of marriage as a heterosexual union for life of a man and a woman in Australian society".

What I say to you, Mr Howard, is 'round objects' (aka 'balls')! Nothing in this legislation will in any way affect the right of heterosexual couples to form relationships, get married, have children and live contented and happy lives until 'death do us part' if that's what, with a bit of luck, fate has in store for them.

In response to the question I posed at the beginning of this post, my answer is a resounding

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