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Monday 3 April 2006

Celebrating four years blogging ...

A milestone for this blog - today is its fourth anniversary. No big deal though. Since I began this blog I've seen the number of blogs grow enormously, particularly here in the UK. A few were around before my little blog, of course, and a few of those are still in existence, but many have come and gone having lasted only a few weeks or a few months. People blog for many different reasons I imagine and some simply cease to add new entries without any prior warning, leaving those of us who followed them wondering what happened; others announce they are not going to continue and actually follow through; some aren't able to give up the 'drug' though, and are soon back to fairly regular posting.

I've had a few breaks along the way, other than periods when I've been away on vacation or otherwise away from a suitable PC, but so far the periods of 'hiatus' have been relatively brief. I'm not sure for how much longer I will continue blogging here - of late my enthusiasm has been waning rather than waxing with only occasional bursts of the more or less frenetic blogging activity I've had the urge to do in earlier years; it's also true that there are a number of other British (including some other Scottish) bloggers who blog from some of the same perspectives as me on a regular basis, so I feel to some extent less pressure to keep up a regular flow of posting as some kind of a lone voice for my particular brand of analysis/ madness as there are others offering similar fare.

For those who have done me the honour of visiting occasionally or regularly and either commenting positively or negatively on what I have written, I again take this opportunity of thanking you most sincerely - your visits and your feedback have been much appreciated. So, this is the start of my fifth blogging year. It is also time for me to get to bed. Go in Peace!

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