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Sunday 26 March 2006

Thou mayest not smoke the noxious weed in enclosed publick spaces

From today it becomes illegal to smoke tobacco in any enclosed public space in Scotland, in a law passed last year by the Scottish Parliament.

As a lifetime non-smoker I might be expected to support this legislation, but in fact I have grave doubts about it. Until the government gets its act together and decides whether it wishes to continue to profit by hefty taxes on the consumption of this product, or whether it wishes to make it completely illegal, I think the government should keep its paws off smoking. People like me simply don't visit smoky pubs and I doubt very much if I'll start using them simply because of this change.

The Scottish Executive doesn't actually think it necessary to remain in Scotland to govern the place; perhaps they should get their priotities in gear and leave us alone all the time - and quit passing completely unnecessary legislation.

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