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Friday 24 March 2006

Scotland has a national antherm - it's called 'God save the Queen'.

Our First Minister, Jack McConnell, is exercising himself over a suitable 'national' anthem for Scotland - we have one already and it's called 'God Save the Queen'.

Now, back in the 'real world' of petty Scottish politics I would have to say that the song being used for Scotland at the Commowealth Games in Melbourne, 'Scotland the Brave', is one of my favourites and if we have to have something other than the correct song, 'God save the Queen', then that seems like a good choice. But, whatever happens, let's puhleese not have that maudlin' song 'Flower of Scotland' - what a depressing dirge that is! I squirmed with embarrassment when it was [badly] sung by some unknown woman at the ceremony to mark the start of the reconvened Scottish Parliament in 1999 - let's have no more of it!

So, Mr McConnell, I've had my say. Happy now? Now perhaps you can get back to your 'day job' of managing the enterprise that is Scotland.

PS/ I like 'Highland Cathedral' (very much!) too, Jack, but it is a bit of a dirge - not really suitable for the dynamic thrusting Scotland that I, and one hopes you, want; all very well for the last Governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, to have that played when he left Government House, but not entirely suitable for modern Scotland, I think.

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