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Wednesday 29 March 2006

House of Lords capitulates in ID Cards battle

By 287 to 60, the House of Lords has today accepted a 'compromise' in its battle with the Government on the indroduction of ID Cards.

The so-called 'compromise' is that UK citizens will not be required to apply for an ID Card when renewing a passport until 2010, but after that they will! I call it a 'capitulation'! Of course the House of Lords at least fought the fight against this iniquitous legislation for quite a prolonged period, whereas our weasly MPs in the House of Commons long ago accepted the Government's platitudes!

This Government is really the most despicably dishonest crowd of shysters! Their manifesto promised that ID Cards would be 'voluntary', not 'compulsory', and weasles such as Charles Clarke, Home Secretary, want us to be believe that they have abided by their manisfesto commitment when tying this to obtaining a passport - as with all this Government's LIES it is perhaps technically correct (just) for them to maintain this position, but in the real world which everybody else inhabits (who is not a paid lackey of this Government), it is the most blatant skirting around the truth to pretend that having to get a passport because one wishes to (or has to) travel abroad makes it 'voluntary'. The implication in the tortuous logic which this Government would have us believe is that in order not to be obliged to obtain an ID Card, one must accept that one is confined, passportless, within the borders of the UK for the rest of one's life.

What one really needs to do is to get the people from the Campaign for Plain English to subject political manifestos issued before elections to the closest syntactical and linguistic scrutiny and to provide translations into plain English so that the electorate is in a position to understand what political parties, specially the Labour Party(!), are actually saying. They have done this for years with regard to insurance policies, with some degree of success in recent years.

I really cannot write any more just now about this - I am far too angry!

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