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Friday 3 March 2006

Guantanamo - the shame continues, as do US denials

A BBC reporter has conducted a 'proxy' interview [*] (the only kind that is feasible under the rerstrictions imposed by the US) with a Kuwaiti detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. It makes for interesting and shocking listening.

I heard part of it on the BBC 'Today' programme this morning, followed by an interview between John Humphrys and someone speaking on behalf of the US (an Under-Secretary of something or other) whom I have, I think, heard before. As John Humphrys said at one point, he felt it was a 'surreal' experience listening to the good lady argue her case. I concur. Truly in this particular case and in the particular circumstances of the US policies at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, this is definitely a case of 'two nations divided by a common language'. Listen here.

[*] The interview questions were posed by a US lawyer on behalf of the reporter, and he took down in longhand the replies.

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