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Tuesday 14 February 2006

Northern Ireland DUP politician resign in gay prostitution scandal

What would one do without The Advocate? It reports that Paul Berry has resigned from 'Dr' Ian Paisley's DUP over allegations that he had met a male prostitute for sex. I have no particular views about him having [allegedly] patronised a gay sex worker, but I do have certain feelings of schadenfreude because if someone allies him-/herself with a noisome Party such as the DUP then, quite frankly, I think that person deserves all the opprobrium that is going.

Incidentally, I recall that when I first heard about this last July I felt that there was a certain parallel with a case several years ago involving a senior executive working for arch-homophobe Brian Souter of Stagecoach. That individual had been arrested, as I recall, in an hotel in Houston for having also patronised a gay prostitute - his former boss was not amused and soon dispensed with his services.

Moral of this - 'karma'. Hypocrisy is not an attractive character trait and often receives its own amply merited 'reward'.

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