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Tuesday 21 February 2006

Is the Prince of Wales for real?

HRH The Prince of Wales is suing the Mail on Sunday for breach of confidentiality and copyright for having published a part of his private journal.

Oh yes, I quite agree that Prince Charles should have the right for his private thoughts and private diaries to remain confidential, but if media reports (reporting evidence given to the court) which I have heard today are a guide then he does not appear to have taken very great care, himself, to keep his blessed journal private. Surely even he must have realised some of his comments were highly-explosive?

During my professional career I occasionally had to write reports on matters which might be quite sensitive and some of the detailed analysis was at times not at all the kind of thing that I or anyone else in their right minds would have wished the persons or organisations referred to ever to become aware of - and suitable precautions were taken! It's all very well to have views, and I am glad in most ways that the Prince of Wales seems to have those in abundance (and I might even share some of them!), but a certain discretion - specially of a person who is barring accident going to become our next Head of State - in how he deals with written material seems badly needed. Most DIY centres now sell small safes so homeowners can keep valuable documents securely - frankly I suggest HRH get himself down to B&Q or Homebase (or more probably Chubb or Tann - for example here) fast and acquire suitable storage for things he really does wish to keep private. And don't give a key or the combination to any of your flunkies, Sir!

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