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Sunday 19 February 2006

Howard Flight joins Globalisation Institute

You remember Howard Flight don't you? Who he? Well for a brief period until shortly before the last general Election he was Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, until he fell foul of the cardinal rule, before an election, of telling the Brititsh people that their devotion to government spending (aka 'investment'), necessarily funded by higher and higher taxation and increasing levels of personal and national debt, was fun while it lasted, but cannot go on for ever. He predicted that, should a Conservative government be elected, its announced cuts in taxation would only be the start of a process. So, the man stepped out of line - but Michael Howard went way too far in withdrawing his accreditation to stand as a Conservative candidate.

But Flight, whilst often coming across (at least to me) as a somewhat awkward, slighlty Dickensian, figure is in fact nothing of the kind - he seems to be a highly successful individual WHO KNOWS HOW ECONOMIES WORK and this announcement that he is joining the Globalisation Institute shows that at least one organisation has the right ideas.

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