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Sunday 12 February 2006

Gay adoption ban in Ohio 'doomed'

According to this report from The Enquirer (Cincinnati) a proposal to ban gay adoption 'is likely to die' as legislative leaders focus on Ohio's lagging economy. 'Scott Borgemenke, chief of staff to House Speaker Jon Husted, dismissed the bill on Friday as discriminatory and said Husted, a Dayton-area Republican, has other priorities':

"There's a growing concern within the Republican party of continuing to introduce this divisive legislation. We don't think there's some cottage industry of homosexual adoptions. We do believe people are losing their jobs."

I don't know Ohio well, but I'm pretty sure he is correct! I don't necessarily discount the views of State Rep. Ron Hood, the Ashville Republican sponsoring the bill that:

"Studies have shown that the optimal setting to raise children is in a traditional setting with a mom and a dad."

- indeed I was brought up in such a home myself and had a very happy childhood (but my parents were not bigots even if they were certainly neither hippies nor avant garde). However I seriously doubt if his other views that "children raised by gay parents have increased risk of physical and emotional problems and might question their own sexuality" is likely to be materially affected by the sexual orientation of their parents, adoptive or otherwise - if someone is heterosexual, then no-one on earth is going to turn them gay(!), nor of course do I believe that gays can be made 'straight' by counselling, far less by aversion therapy. The underlying bigotry of State Rep. Ron Hood is clear; it seems he would prefer to concentrate on the issue of gay adoption rather than on what is probably the more immediate concern of improving the job prospects of his fellow Ohio citizens.

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