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Thursday 26 January 2006

US aligned with Iran in anti-gay vote at UN

The US has reversed its policy by backing an Iranian initiative, as reported in this Reuters story "to deny United Nations consultative status to organizations working to protect the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people" in a vote last Monday at the United Nations. Sickening!!

PS/ I read about this early yesterday in a posting in another apparently gay-leaning blog which styles itself as a 'news' medium, but nevertheless rarely if ever provides attribution for the 'exclusive' stories it carries, so I have never linked to it in my blogroll or any post. Calls to press offices when some spokesman or other confirms something or other that is already circulating widely on the internet (blogospehere or MSM) masquerading as 'exclusive' reports make me laugh. Yes, this is Bill making one of his quite rare Miaowww!! 'bitchy' comments - lol. I've read a number of other similar 'news' reports in that blog in recent weeks, but where I have written about the same event have always used attributed sources which I have almost always seen well before having seen the report in the other blog. My little blog is headed up as a 'Comment Page'; I don't pretend it is anything else - but then I'm not trying to flog advertising space. Bill signs off with another Miaowww!!

UPDATE: (Thursday 26JAN06 18.20 GMT) This is an update to my 'PS/' above. I've just noticed that the so-called 'news' website I referred to actually has the impertinence to recycle comments left there by appending them onto stories where they were never made - I suppose it makes his advertisers think that this 'blog' - for that is what it is - is much more popular than it really is (I had left a comment on one entry and it now appears on two other posts!! as well). Shoddy tactics in my view!! (The website is - you can find your own link there if you wish to.)

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