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Friday 27 January 2006

Sir Ian Blair - Shut Up!

The Commissioner (aka 'Chief of the Foot in Your Mouth Division') of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Ian Blair, really needs either to learn to think BEFORE he speaks, or to go gracefully - or be got rid of.

He has the barefaced effrontery to speak about 'institutional racism' in the media when the police services are hardly paragons of virtue in this area, even if they are undoubtedly trying to improve. Not fast enough though - it's dangerous to be coffee-coloured in London at times of high tension, don't you know, as Jean-Charles de Menezes (an innocent Brazilian) found to his cost. Then Sir Ian Blair couldn't/wouldn't get the facts out quickly afterward, until evidence forced him to concede the man had been killed 'by mistake'.

The police urge us to think of ID Cards and all the other attributes of a Police State as our friend - 'If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear' - don't make me laugh!

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