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Monday 9 January 2006

Former top British soldier wants Blair impeached over Iraq war

Now it is no secret to any reader of this blog that I supported, and continue to support, our actions in helping to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq.

However, when a recently retired former British soldier suggests that our Prime Minister may have acted 'illegally' it is certainly not an occurrence that can be brushed aside. A BBC article reports that General Sir Michael Rose, ex-UN commander in Bosnia, has claimed that Mr Blair's actions were "somewhere in between" getting the politics wrong and acting illegally. He is quoted as saying:

"The politics was wrong, that he rarely declared what his ultimate aims were, as far as we can see, in terms of harping continually on weapons of mass destruction when actually he probably had some other strategy in mind.

"And secondly, the consequences of that war have been quite disastrous both for the people of Iraq and also for the west in terms of our wider interests in the war against global terror."

In the unlikely event that Blair were to be impeached for this action I would not shed any tears - I have no love for Blair (or indeed President Bush) and would console myself with the knowledge that Saddam Hussien has irrevocably been removed from power in Iraq. Those individuals whom one might almost categorise as useful idiots, Blair and Bush, have accomplished their tasks - that is really all that concerns me. Go to it, General Sir Michael Rose and those 100 MPs from across the Commons who last month called for an inquiry into the war! I would relish the fireworks.

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