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Wednesday 14 December 2005

Who owns the Buncefield oil depot at Hemel Hempstead?

I ask this question out of simple curiosity as I don't recall any mention of this in any of the copious news reporting I have seen of the tragedy on the television or heard on the radio. Probably because no 'blame' is thought to be attributable to anyone over this incident (which seems at this stage simply to be a random accident), the mass media have not thought this was a matter worth mentioning. I find this a curious omission, when you recall that the reporting of many tragedies in the past, where no 'blame' could legitimately be laid at the doors of any of the companies directly involved (the airlines operating the four airliners hijacked on 11SEP01, or the airline which operated the Concorde which crashed not too long ago and led soon after to the whole Concorde fleet being grounded permanently, to take just a couple of examples) inevitably made mention of the organisations involved. Perhaps because in this most recent tragedy there were no fatalities? Perhaps it is a case of those responsible for the PR of the two companies involved (see below) doing their most important job, in reality, superbly well by keeping their clients out of the news. Who knows?

In any case, a very little research reveals that brief details are mentioned in this BBC report and a little more detailed information is provided in this Bloomberg report, if any ordinary person other than myself is at all interested - you'll need to scroll to the end of each article to see the relevant information.

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