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Sunday 18 December 2005

New links added - December 2005

There has been a crop of new or newish blogs that has come to my attention recently and it is about time I put links to them in my blogroll. So here goes:

Burning our Money - Wat Tyler introduces it thus: "They spend 42% of our income, yet fail to deliver decent services. They promise prosperity, yet tax and regulate our economy into stasis. They talk up social justice, yet consign millions to welfare dependency. Enough is enough. We the peasants demand our high-spending, high-living, conflicted politicos mend their ways". Trenchant writing, with a note of black humour. It began earlier this year, but had an 'hiatus' from April to December. Read and enjoy/weep - depending on whether you are in the state's pay or whether you are a harassed tax-payer.
GavPOLITICS - Gavin Ayling tells us his blog is "English, Rationalist and Liberal Conservative". Whether the last is a completely accurate description I leave you to judge, but it is well-written and not 'beady-eyed' for the most part, except possibly on matters touching on the EU; seems liberal enough in other areas.
Mr Eugenides - 'The Greek' seems, from what I glean, to write from Edinburgh and writes in a pithy style, puncturing all sorts of balloons. It is quite amusing to read.
Things I can't tell boyfriend number 1 - introduces his blog by saying: "My gay activities which my boyfriend doesn't know about". Not to everyone's taste and you need to be quite broad-minded to read it; on the other hand many 'straight' young men behave in exactly the same way towards their female partners and no-one seems to bat an eyelid about that! Tells us he works in an investment bank in London - he seems to be able to get out of the office whenever necessary to keep his 'trysts'. Some aspects of what he writes mirror quite closely my own life during my 20s and 30s, although I won't specify precisely which aspects!
timrollpickering - Tim Roll-Pickering tells us he is based in London and describes his blog thus: "The blog of a rather dull person who created this just in case anyone cares". A little harsh on himself, I suspect. Seems to be a 'liberal' Conservative, earlier supporting Ken Clarke, but who switched to David Cameron in the leadership election race. Presumably has strong connections with Northern Irleand as many of his posts cover developments there in great detail. Well-written and level-headed.
An Englishman in Osaka - the title says it all really. I've been reading this blog for quite a few months now. It is amusing and high-lights the quirks of what is in some ways quite an alien culture. Having lived in that part of the world and visited Japan on buisness a number of times I find it quite interesting to look in on occasionally - perhaps you will, too.
'til the cows come home - Mak tells us his blog is a "Tale as old as time: Midwestern Boy moves to New York City. Boy discovers blogs. Boy chronicles his exploits and conquests for the world, and his mother, to read". He is also gay. Amusingly written and with a nice turn of phrase. Worth a peek.

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