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Wednesday 30 November 2005

Conservative leadership contest - gosh, have I really got it so wrong???

Ever since the latest bout of soul-searching began in the Conservative Party, I've thought that David Cameron (even though we know relatively little of his detailed ideas for policy changes) would be a vastly better bet than his rivals, especially including his remaining opponent David Davis.

However, the news that Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) has revealed that he supports David Cameron did make me sit up straight. If this complete nonentity, whose election to Leadership of the Conservative Party in 1991 was the main catalyst for my resignation as a Conservative, now tells us he supports Cameron, then I begin to wonder if I have got it badly wrong.

Maybe I shouldn't read too much into what IDS has said, though - perhaps he, mediocre individual that he is, has finally come to realise and now tacitly admit that the Conservative Party does in fact need to change if it is not to wither away, something his own catastrophic Leadership brought that much closer to being a possibility.

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