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Sunday 2 October 2005

The desk of the 'guru of Nairn!'

Alan (at AKLand) has tagged me for a round-robin of where all our pearls of wisdom emanate from, this is my small effort. The PC is temporarily located in a somewhat cramped corner of my dining-room as recdecoration of my study will commence tomorrow. I hope to get back in there toward the end of the week. Although the temporary location is a little cramped, it is (believe me!) a lot neater than the desktop in my study usually is.

Note the heavy use of post-it notes; most of these are hex colour code references for various web pages, some of the others relate to saturation and hue codes I use when preparing various graphical images.

"The guru's (temporary) lair!"

Click here to see a larger image

- now whom should I 'tag' for this? Well, I think David (at Freedom and Whisky), Gary (at A Big Stick and a Small Carrot), the Reluctant Nomad and Bill (at Tottyland) would all provide interesting and varied pictures, if they choose to take up the challenge.

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