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Saturday 8 October 2005

Bugs in PC display - viral attack?

I noticed last evening whilst browsing the web that my screen display seemd to, quite suddenly, have changed - display font sizes had become considerably smaller. I was still able to read the text on the website I happened to be looking at when the change occurred, but it did mean sitting closer to the screen to do it comfortably.

This morning, hoewever, the weirdness has continued. When clicking through to certain of the blogs in my Bloglines subscription page, the font of the blog posts is so small as to be completely impossible to read. Then I suddenly noticed that my desktop theme colour scheme (which I modified a long time ago to be a lot less harsh than the default Windows 'blue' theme) had suddenly reverted to the default setting and when I went into the Display control area to try and re-selct my previously saved theme found that the several versions I had saved (again, a long time ago) had all disappeared.

It seems clear that I have been the victim of some kind of viral/worm attack yesterday evening. I did have a flash warning about the possibility from the anti-virus service that I subscribe to a couple of days ago, as well as (of course!) having my firewall enabled.

Has anyone else been experiencing 'unexpected events' or general 'weirdness' with their PC's display or behaviour generally since yesterday?

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