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Monday 19 September 2005

Murder in Nairn - Crescent Road blocked off

Police bollards are across both ends of Crescent Road in Nairn today and a large police van is parked just outside one end of the street - this is where the home of murdered man Alistair Wilson is located (just along the road from where I live). I notice also that there are two white vans parked in the car park of the Havelock Hotel, just across from the Wilson's home in Crescent Road and they appear to be being loaded with material. I cannot state whether the material is being removed from their house, or indeed whether it is simply related to the hotel, but it is curious that the road is blocked off by the police.

Note: just as I type this, I am watching a policemen remove the bollards from the end of Crescent Road visible from my study, so it appears that whatever they came to do has finished for now, at least. There are no new updates on the Northern Constabulary website to indicate just what may be going on.

My most recent previous article on the murder is here. There are links to all my posts on this murder, so close to where I live, in the right-hand column under the heading 'Murder in Nairn' articles.

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