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Monday 1 August 2005

What's 'love' when you have a pet?

I've been tagged by Alan on two of these round-robin thingies, this time the topics are 'Love' and 'Pets'. Let's see what I can say about these two:

1 - What does Love mean to you?
Trust. Selflessness. Affection.
2 - What does Marriage mean to you?
For me very little (I am gay), but luckily I grew up in a home with happily married parents. Whilst a number of friends seem to be very happily married as well (good for them!), many others have been through at least one divorce. Marriage, it seems to me, comes with both privileges and responsibilities, but the focus is always upon the former, specially pre-marriage. Many of my gay friends who are in long-term relationships, in some cases spanning several decades, would I suspect make fine married couples if the law permitted. In summary, I am somewhat cynical about the motives of those who say they wish to protect the institution of marriage.
3 - Do you believe in love at first sight?
Love should not be confused with infatuation, which can certainly occur at first sight. I doubt very much that true love can.
4 - How many children would you like?
Probably irrelevant.
5 - If given the opportunity, what song would you sing for me on my wedding day?
For whom? For a partner I'd probably spare him the sound of my singing voice and instead offer up a favourite piece of music for the flute by J S Bach.
6 - What is your favorite holiday destination?
In the UK, Perthshire. Elsewhere, somewhere warm, but not excessively hot. Ideally out of the range of mobile telephone signals.
7 - What are three qualities you would look for in a Woman?
In a partner I would look for intelligence, common sense, physical attactiveness.
8 - What are the three qualities and three bad habits that you have?
Pluses - analytical, plain-peaking, irreverent;
Minuses - Me? Minuses? I don't do those! But seriously - Sloth, plain-speaking, over-caution.
9 - Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Good health permitting, someplace agreeable, perhaps where I am now, perhaps elsewhere. More than that I couldn't say - life is to be lived.

1. What is your favorite type of animal that you have had as a pet?
I've had (and have) two types of pets - dogs and aquarium fish. I enjoy both and hope I have been a responsible pet keeper, but I would not put one kind before the other.
2. What is the strangest/most different name one of your pets has had?
Neither animals, not indeed children, should be given the ridiculous names that some people seem to consider 'cute'. Dogs I have had have been called 'Whisky', 'Sandie' and (the current one) 'Tara'. I have never given names to my fish.
3. Describe something bizarre that one of your pets has done.
Dogs are intelligent creatures and my dog often seems to have a roguish glint in her eye.
4. Have you ever eaten dog biscuits? (or other pet related products?)
Yes, I've tried a little of a dog biscuit out of curiosity, and indeed I've tried some of my present dog's 'complete dried food' for the same reason. The biscuit was rather nice, the 'complete dried food' less so - rather oily.
5. Have you ever let your pet sleep with you?
In or on my bed? No, never. Occasionally in my bedroom though, in her basket.
6. Do you take your pet on vacation with you?
Every year to Perthshire. Taking dogs abroad from the UK on vacation is now theoretically possible, but remains inconvenient for most people because of our quarantine regulations.
7. Have you held memorials for your pets?
As a child, for a budgie and for some newts I had once. Not more recently, though.
8. Have any of your pets worn clothing?
No, not that I am aware. Do they have a clothes-fetish of which I am unaware?
9. Do you feed your pets before you feed yourself?
I usually prepare breakfast for myself first, although I normally feed the dog (and the fish) before actually eating my own breakfast.
10. Does your current pet resemble you physically or temperamentally?
Others may be better able to evaluate this than me, but I think not.

Now, whom should I 'tag' in turn? Well, I rather think David, Charlie and Mike might, if they choose to follow it up, make interesting comments.

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