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Friday 29 July 2005

The real problem is his idiotic policies

Robert Kilroy-Silk, a former Labour MP, a former chat show host and a former MEP for UKIP, has announced he is stepping down as Leader of Veritas, the political vehicle he created when he realised he could not foist himself upon UKIP as its Leader. Bizarre and eccentric as UKIP policies are, even they were not foolish enough to be mesmerised by the perma-tanned one.

Whether or not the electorate is "content with the old parties", as Mr Kilroy-Silk would have us believe is the reason for his party's singular lack of success at the recent General Election, I leave it to readers to decide. For myself, I think it is simply that the British electorate is far too level-headed and moderate to be seduced by the ideas of a crackpot opportunist such as him.

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