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Tuesday 12 July 2005

Latest on UK terrorist outrages

(See UPDATE at end of this post as well)

A lot can happen in the short(ish) time it takes to have lunch.

- Switching on BBC News24, I learn that a car parked at Luton railway station has had a 'controlled explosion' carried out on it.

- The Tavistock Square bus explosion last week in London: the suspected bomber is thought to have died on the bus. You may recall that the bus explosion took place about 50 minutes after the three explosions on the London Underground. It was identifying this person that led police to Leeds, it seems.

- There have been arrests in Leeds in connection with the bombings (see my earlier report).

UPDATE: (Tuesday 12JUL05 16.40 BST) Frank Gardner, BBC Security Correspondent, has just been quoted on BBC News24 as revealing that he has been informed by security officials that all four bombers are thought to have been UK-born and that more than one of the bombers is thought to have been killed in the explosions.
- (16.55) Margaret Gilmore, reporting for the BBC, is quoted on BBC News24 as having been advised that all four of the bombers are now thought to have died in the explosions and it is thought that the three on the London Underground were suicide bombers, but Police apparently remain open-minded about whether the bus-bomber intended for the bomb to go off, so that may not be a suicide outrage.

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