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Sunday 3 July 2005

The circus comes to Nairn

As well as that other 'circus' going on in Scotland just now, about which David has been writing in the past couple of days, and of which the culmination will of course be taking place at Gleneagles in the next few days, the circus has now returned to Nairn after a gap of MANY years, certainly since well before I came to live here about five years ago.

This evening I have been watching the main tent being raised (whilst eating dinner and supping some rather nice 'bubbly', just because it's Sunday); the final picture of the Nairn Bandstand with fishery protection vessel (?) in the background being taken about an hour ago as I was on my final walk of the evening with the doggette.

The circus gets ready in Nairn - 3rd July 2005

Raising the tent gets underway

It's raised to full height

If you want to book, the final three digits are '170'

Nairn Bandstand as dusk approaches

Next month we will have as usual, I expect, the funfair - to coincide with the Nairn Highland Games, but for July it's once more circus-time!

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