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Wednesday 20 July 2005

Bill takes a break (another one) ...

I am going to be away for about a week, so am unlikely to post anything further here until about Thursday 28th July.

I had meant to post a number of articles before departing:

- about Gordon Brown and his 'shifting of the goal-posts antics' relating to his so-called 'economic cycle';

- about the ridiculous notion of suggesting that pupils who fail exams should instead be informed they have instead achieved a deferred success;

- and about the farce that is the Conservative Party and its choice of a new Leader, coupled with some remarks about Alan Duncan having announced he will not put his name forward for the job, citing the probably obvious fact that he has insufficient parliamentary support, but adding that he thought the party's 'Taliban wing' (on social issues) is holding the Conservatives back, an analysis disputed by Michael Howard, the current Leader. Whilst I would agree with Mr Howard, and indeed with Mr Duncan himself, that things have become better I would have to ask Mr Howard - "what planet are you living on?" - every time someone like Ann Widdecombe, Lord Tebbitt, Lady O'Cathain, Eric Forth, etc. make a negative comment about subjects such as gay rights, or abortion, it alienates a lot of people in the country, even some who are not homosexual or indeed likely to become (or make anyone else) pregnant. The Conservatives need to elect a Leader who can lead the Party into the 21st century by making one of the occasional modernisations of policy that has characterised, and made successful, the party over a very lengthy period. Until then the Conservatives will most likely continue to drift;

but I have quite simply run out of time. I have quite a lot to do this evening, before commencing a long car journey tomorrow.

Right, that is it, I've already gone on longer than time admits with prudence so I shall stop. Do have a look at some of the excellent blogs in my blogroll (at left) if you get a moment, though.

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