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Sunday 5 June 2005

If you fancy listening to some enjoyable background music ...

... to mark my return to blogging after a few days absence I thought I should draw your attention to this; you could do worse than tune in to a recently-started Scottish podcast called the tartanpodcast. All we know (*) is that the host of this blog/podcast is called Mark and he lives in Glasgow; apparently he is married with two children. He is not a musician or a broadcaster, in fact he runs a small window and office cleaning business. His podcast features modern Scottish band music and whilst I don't listen to this kind of music very often I have to say it is actually quite pleasant to listen to and Mark's commentary, with his nice Scottish accent in the voice-over commentaries, is quite interesting and quirky to listen to - give it a whirl!
(thru this article on the BBC Technology website)

(*) Or more precisely this is all he wishes to reveal; however, it is perfectly easy to find greater detail, if you know how to use the internet to search for such information (I have done so, but will obviously respect his wishes and not mention further details here). I mention this only to highlight the fact that a lot more information can 'leak' over the net than many people seem to realise; it is as well to be aware of this (and you can be very sure that I cannot be the only person who knows this).

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