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Monday 2 May 2005

Dr Gillian McKeith debunked?

Like many others, I imagine, I have watched some of the programmes fronted by this lady on Channel4's 'You are what you eat' series. I found them quite interesting. Just how had some of the people on the show got themselves into the mess they obviously had and just how had they developed such poor eating habits? Even before I lost a lot of weight with the Atkins diet, I ate a lot of 'healthy' food; the trouble was that I ate a lot too much food in general and mixed up with the healthy things I have always eaten was a great deal that could most charitably be classified as 'unwise'. Now I know a lot of people don't rate Atkins's methods very highly, but that's a different topic.

I assumed that the good lady actually had some scientific basis for talking about the subject of nutrition, other than just promulgating what seemed to me to be common sense ideas on ways to eat more healthily. However, this website makes me wonder. If a lot of, or anything, said about the good lady in this website is factual then it would seem a great deal of scepticism needs to be used when watching future programmes, if any are planned.
(thru Black Triangle)

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