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Saturday 28 May 2005

Bill's prediction - France will vote 'yes' in Sunday's referendum

Will I look a complete idiot on Sunday evening, when the polls close in France and the exit poll predictions are announced? Possibly. However, it is just a 'gut feeling' that, despite all the recent opinion polls suggesting that the French people will reject the EU Constitutional Treaty in their referendum this weekend, they will vote decisively in favour of ratification. This will be very much despite the dislike of many of the voters for their President, Jacques Chirac; if it hadn't been for the 'fortuitous' circumstance of a run-off in the 2nd round at the last Presidential election with the Leader of the National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen, it is highly likely that Chirac would have (happily) been out on his ear and quite possibly then arraigned before a criminal court for corruption.

To be honest though (am I ever anything else?) I too would be in a quandary as to how to vote were we to have a referendum soon - just like many of the French interviewed about their voting intentions in the past few days. I like the idea of a constitutional treaty, but I don't like the terms of the one we are being offered.

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