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Wednesday 13 April 2005

Who should I vote for?

I can just about agree with what this quiz says about me, but as it didn't ask any questions about the social policies which have caused me disquiet with the Conservative Party, it doesn't really get to my dilemma - that I may well feel I must abstain from voting or spoil my ballot paper:

Who Should You Vote For?

Who should I vote for?

Your expected outcome:


Your actual outcome:

Labour 2
Conservative 18
Liberal Democrat -12
UK Independence Party 1
Green 7

You should vote: Conservative

The Conservative Party is strongly against joining the Euro and against greater use of taxation to fund public services. The party broadly supported the Iraq war and backs greater policing and ID cards. The Tories are against increasing the minimum wage above the rate of inflation, and have committed to abolishing university tuition fees. They support 'virtual vouchers' for private education.

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I have difficulty with at least two of the Conservative 'characteristics' shown in the box, too - in fact I'm pretty much in favour of the UK joining the Euro, even if I have become rather more nuanced in my views about the EU Constitutional Treaty, mainly because whilst I am basically in favour of having a constitution, I don't think the one that has been negotiated is satisfactory, on many levels. I'm also vehemently opposed to the introduction of compuslory ID Cards; the Conservative Party should be thoroughly ashamed of itself for supporting, in principle, this odious policy.
(thru Freedom and Whisky)

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