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Tuesday 19 April 2005

Scottish Greens launch election manifesto

Yet another of the smaller political parties has launched its manifesto for the coming General Election. The Scottish Green Party want to 'combat climate change'. A full copy of the manifesto is available here (click on the PDF link on this page to open the manifesto or download a copy), or you can see (*) a print-resolution PDF version here (* - when I tried it, this version didn't open properly; perhaps the problem will be corrected in due course).

Key policies:
- the regulation of supermarkets to limit the damage, as they see it, being done to home food production by their purchasing power;
- cancellation of the M74 extension;
- redirection funding to boost production of renewable energy.

Apart from these policies, which whilst I don't necessarily agree with them (or care), don't strike me as completely nonsensical, there are naturally enough other more 'controversial' policies which may strike some (me, for example) as being at the least impractical or in a few instances a complete nonsense:
- 'make trade fair' (I've no idea what this vague statement implies - I hope Freetrade products aren't part of it);
- cancel third world debt (all of it? just like that? no checking to see whether previous funding has been misspent?);
- increase foreign aid (i.e. create more 'third world debt' for the future, unless it is better applied and monitored and its aims more closely defined).

That's enough, I think, for these 'dreamers'.

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