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Tuesday 19 April 2005

New Pope - Pope Benedict XVI (formerly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger)

Well, the Capi have chosen their Capo - he is to be Pope Benedict XVI (16th), formerly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. He is a German theologian, considered a very traditional conservative, and a close ally of the last Pope. He is highly unlikely to modernise, one imagines, any aspcet of the strict adherence to traditional doctrine of the last Pope. He is 78 years old, and although he looks to me to be in robust good health (*), if his appearance on the balcony at the Vatican is any guide, it is probably unlikely that his papacy will be very long and certainly less long than his immediate predecessor. Brief BBC report here.

What a shame! This criminal gang will undoubtedly continue the same path they have trodden in recent years.

* - UPDATE (Wednesday 20APR05 13.17 BST) I heard on the 'Today' programme this morning that Pope Benedict XVI is thought to have a weak heart; it was a discussion with a couple of Church 'experts', although exactly who they were I cannot say (they sounded like members of the Catholic hierarchy). Despite what I write above, about my disappointment that such a 'conservative' Cardinal has been elected as the new Pontiff, I wish His Holiness a long, healthy and happy life as I do believe in treating others as one would oneself wish to be treated; it's a pity that not everyone in the Roman Catholic Church (and some others) does not think this way, and reflect those thoughts in practice and in their words.

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