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Wednesday 13 April 2005

Murder in Nairn - Police reveal murder gun origins

Information about the murder of Alistair Wilson continues to be drip-fed out to the public. The latest nugget to be released is that the murder weapon was a semi-automatic German model (a Schmeisser) made about 80 years ago; police think it may have been brought into the UK during or after World War II. I saw this on the television news on BBC Scotland yesterday evening, but wanted to think a little about any possible significance of the timing of the release of this latest information before commenting. Firstly, this is obviously not 'new information'; the police must have been aware of this for weeks and weeks, so I think there must be some significance in mentioning this now - as I have postulated in a number of my earlier postings about this murder, my view is that the police have many more 'clues' as to what lies behind this crime than they are prepared to discuss until they are good and ready. I get the feeling that they are building up a network of ideas and facts surrounding the case, piecing together various details. Who, for example, amongst Mr Wilson's circle of friends, family or associates had a family member who served in Germany after the war - there must be a number of such? Or are there any others who might have kept or acquired such a weapon - German POWs for example, or other allied forces who served in the UK during the war and may be living here now (Poles, Czechs, etc)? All of this is just speculation on my part, but of one thing I am certain, the release of this information now is not mere happenstance.

My most recent previous article on the murder is here. There are links to all my posts on this murder, so close to where I live, in the right-hand column under the heading 'Murder in Nairn' articles.

UPDATE (Monday 2MAY05 16.10 BST) Northern Constabulary announce they are consulting with a ballistics expert in Germany to try and advance their inquiry into the murder of Alistair Wilson. They also revealed that the ammunition used in the shooting was .25 ACP/6.35mm calibre, manufactured by Sellier and Bellot, Vlasim, Czech Republic.

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