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Tuesday 5 April 2005

An MSP and his 'extra-curricular' acitivity

This must be the same story I read about yesterday (in another blog, I can't remember which) which was talking about a story which had been 'pulled' by the Scotsman; it didn't go into many details so I had no idea what the whole hoo-ha was about.

It seems that an MSP was filmed on CCTV in a park near to Holyrood being serviced by an 'aide' - is that what such people are being called now, or perhaps he really is a Parliamentary assistant? Both parties, from the context in which this link is written, are apparently male. The MSP is apparently being charged with "lewd and libidinous behavior"; what about the 'aide' - does he just get to go and wash his mouth out with soapy water? Police and parliamentary officials are declining comment.

Well, if any of this is true (and I have no idea either way), the only thing I can say it reminds me of is a certain Ron Davies, former Labour head honcho in the Wesh Assembly, who was forced out of public life after an excursion on Clapham Common. Apart from that of course, it needs to be said that if people, of whatever gender or mixture of genders, wish to engage in activity which many people define as sexual in nature (although not, if memory serves, POTUS 42 Bill Clinton), then they need to be a little more dicreet, not to say sensible, in choosing a venue for their trysts. It's none of my business whether one or other of the two is 'heterosexual' or 'homosexual', that is surely a matter between the party (of the one part, ho ho ho) and his/her spouse, but really people must not go around 'frightening the horses'.

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