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Monday 18 April 2005

More manifesto launches - Scottish Socialists and Respect

Two more of the minor players in the forthcoming election have launched their manifestos:

Scottish Socialist Party
The SSP want to 'make capitalism history'. Madness, pure and simple. Naturally they also want to turn Scotland into an independent republic. For a look at a system which has failed wherever it has been tried visit their website, and read their manifesto here - the website says a PDF version will be uploaded shortly. They will have a candidate in almost every constituency in Scotland (they have stood down their own candidate in one constituency to support an anti-war campaigner).

Respect is primarily (solely?) a vehicle for George 'gorgeous' Galloway, a former Labour MP until even they decided his brand of politics was too iffy for him to remain as a member. It is putting up 26 candidates and, apart from a moderately sensible policy querying the wisdom of allowing the current system of postal voting to continue, it's pure barminess all the way. But there is no denying the man has a certain charisma so he, at least, may stand a chance in his chosen 'carpet-bagging' constituency in east London. Visit their website, or read their manifesto here (in PDF format).

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