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Wednesday 27 April 2005

Election 2005 - the political messages in my area

I thought it might be interesting and/or amusing for people outwith Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey constituency to see the messages we are being given by our local candidates in the election to be held next week on 5th May. Most of the Parties' messages are displayed in two images, although a couple have only one, but there is a very rough equivalency in the overall size of the images for each Party, although those which have two images are probably a bit bigger overall, to make the messages legible. The images are in Party order, rather than candidate order (as in my previous posts on the matter). I have not yet finally decided how to cast my (postal) vote, but as I mentioned in an earlier posting it may just go to the Publican Party as a sort of protest against the ever-increasing regulation of our lives, even though I am neither a smoker nor a pub-goer; their platform certainly doesn't seem any more bizarre (if parochial) than any of the others.

Here goes:

Conservative Party

Green Party

Labour Party

Liberal Democrats Party

Publican Party

Scottish National Party

Scottish Socialist Party

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