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Wednesday 27 April 2005

Bill goes gaga ...

... Do you ever mislay things? Or is it only me? Anyhow, this morning, sometime between getting out of bed and returning to my shower-room after having said 'good morning' to Tara, I reached out my hand for the remote control that operates the bedroom music/radio-system - only to realise it wasn't where I usually leave it, atop a drawer unit in the bedroom just outside the shower-room. I hadn't left it on the night-table, either, where I know I had used it earlier in the morning to switch on the system, as I do every morning just prior to getting up, as the clock radio on the night-table isn't powerful enough to give me the blast of Radio3 that I need whilst showering - the soothing tone of my clock radio is fine to waken me up to Radio3, though. I still have not located the pesky little thing (and yes, it is qute small, probably about twice the size of a credit card and only about two or three times as thick). I even thought I might have put it in the washing-machine with the load I put on this morning (don't ask!!), but when the wash-cycle had finished I was able to verify that, at least, I haven't gone completely barmy, as well as having become forgetful. It must be here somewhere, as I haven't thrown anything out today. That's what comes of having far too many possessions, I suppose.

It's not the first time I have lost and/or mislaid things. About a year ago I found a gold ring I had 'lost' at least three years previously - I found it in a little-used shoe in one of the shoe racks in my clothes closet. Quite how it got there I cannot imagine. That ring, which I hadn't had very long when I mislaid it, was to replace a gold and diamond ring I lost a couple of years before that - as that was in my previous house the chances of recovering that one are non-existent; I have the feeling it must have dropped into the stream or pond when I was cleaning the pond filter one day. Or what about the time (quite a few years ago, long before I had any right to be forgetful) I spent nearly an hour looking for my spectacles only to discover, when I happened to pass a mirror, that they were of course actually on my face and I was looking through them.

Enough!! I've got to go for the last walk of the evening, so I can get back in time to watch Desperate Housewives at 11pm on E4; yes, this is another show I watch regularly - it's a hoot, and a necessary break from the non-stop politics we are subjected to just now.

UPDATE: (Thursday 28APR05 08.45 BST) Well, proof positive that Bill is either completely gaga, or getting there fast! First, the good news, I found the remote control when getting into bed last night - it was way down under the sheets. However, I had partially stripped the bed yesterday in my efforts to find it, but obviously had not gone down quite far enough. Now it's time for the Reith Lecture (recorded last evening from Radio4) whilst following my morning bathroom routine, then I'm off to the gym followed by the dentist, so I won't be back here 'til late this afternoon.

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