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Monday 6 December 2004

I'll try to do better ...

... I have just been 'pulled up' for my pusillanimity in my comments about Blunkett in an earlier post. I don't really have any excuses although I have become so fed up (and frightened) by this man's continuing efforts to turn us into some kind of police state that my mind has been focussed on other aspects of our Home Secretary's (and this Government's) performance.

It is true, though, that I genuinely have no interest in Blunkett's personal life, except where it impinges on his public duties or where he may be alleged to have abused his position. It is clear to me now that, whilst I may have separated the different aspects of his behaviour in my own mind (between what is purely personal and what affects us citizens and taxpayers), I have not been sufficiently forthright in putting these views into my postings, whilst continuing to be firm in my view that it serves no useful purpose to get down into the same kind of denigratory language used by the tabloid and some parts of the broadsheet media, when I deplore so much the use of denigratory terms when applied to gays, or other groups the majority think it appropriate to belittle or talk down to (whether based on religion or race or even disability). I will try to do better, though ...

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