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Friday 17 December 2004

Deep-fried Mars bars - myth or reality

How to increase your risk of heart disease, obesity and loads of other health problems - come to Scotland and enjoy what seems to be a national 'delicacy'.

According to a study by NHS Glasgow, as reported here, it is very much a reality! According to the survey 22 per cent of Scottish 'take-away' restaurant offer these for sale, and one of the 500 chip shops included in the survey said they sell upto 200 a week, mainly to children.

Even before I began the Atkins diet, when I was a lot bigger than I am now, I must say I had never been aware of these things during my very occasional visits to chip shops (for fish and chips), but then I don't live in Glasgow. I now eat lots of fish, but not in batter, and of course I no longer eat things like potatoes, so chips are out. I still count myself so lucky to have discovered the Atkins diet; it has changed my life (no exaggeration) and, even if I might wish I had known about it 20 years ago, I now plan to live this way for the rest of my much slimmer and happier life.

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