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Tuesday 14 December 2004

Conservatives back Labour ID card bill - why?

Michael Howard has won an internal Shadow Cabinet debate and as a result the Conservative Party will support the Labour government's bill to introduce compulsory ID cards.

As readers of this blog will be aware, I am deeply opposed to the introduction of ID cards and I consider it a completely retrograde step for the Official Opposition to support its introduction. A very worrying decision.

The only sizeable party to oppose the Bill is the Liberal Democrat Party.

- visit the NO2ID website.
- you might also care to visit The England Project and in particular this post.

UPDATE: (Wednesday 15OCT04 09.20 GMT) The likely level of dissent amongst Conservative MPs is discussed here; 30 members is not far short of 20 per cent of its parliamentary representation - not enough, but still significant. I read in comments of another blog that this is the moment to 'bring back IDS'; I hope this was said in jest, but the harsh reality is that there are still [far too] many Conservatives who not only think such idiotic thoughts, but moreover put them in writing - terribly sad and deluded, if the aim is ever to win power in this country again! IDS is most definitely not the solution! My opposition to ID Cards is based neither on the anti-EU, nor quite obviously the anti-gay, agenda of a number of those who seem also to be opposed to ID Cards, even though I am quite happy to align myself with them on this one issue.

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