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Tuesday 9 November 2004

Tory Civil Partnerships Bill 'wrecking amendment' rejected

The latest attempt by backbench Conservative MPs to 'derail' the Civil Partnerships Bill, by introducing an amendment for siblings who have lived together for twelve years or more to benefit from the same rights as homosexuals, has been defeated in the House of Commons with only 74 voting for the amendment and 381 opposing it. An amendment was earlier tabled in the House of Lords by Tory Baroness, Lady O'Cathain, to give long term carers rights under this Bill, but was later removed by the House of Commons. I expect there will be other attempts to wreck this Bill, up until the moment when it is signed into law by Her Majesty The Queen. Until the Conservative Party distances itself formally from the dinosaurs who support such amendments, and who take the Tory whip, then it is not safe to let this Party near the reins of power again. (This post has been amended subsequent to first publishing, for accuracy)

UPDATE (Wednesday 10NOV04 18.35 GMT) The Civil Partnerships Bill has now been passed by the House of Commons (389 for, 47 against), and now returns to the House of Lords next week. Developments are awaited ...

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