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Tuesday 2 November 2004

Tomorrow we may know (I hope!) the result ...

... of the US Presidential election. Readers of this blog will know that I have refrained from making any comment on the presidential campaigns currently reaching their climaxes in the United States. On the other hand, whilst I do have views on the matter, there is nothing I can do to affect the result except to hope that the American people get it right. What I do think I can say, though, is that neither man fills me with the feeling that he is particularly meritorious of being President; neither seems an outstanding individual to me, someone whom you recognise immediately as being specially worthy of becoming President for this next term. The choice really seems to be one of: which is the less likely to be a 'bad' President?

The only comment I would make at this time is to refer you to this Guardian article by David Aaronovitch, flagged up by Andrew Sullivan. Finally, I will undoubtedly be up quite late tonight, as I am most nights, but I have no intention of carrying out some kind of all-night vigil to await every snippet of news; I expect a good night's sleep will be a lot more beneficial in the wider scheme of things.

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