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Wednesday 10 November 2004

British diplomat praised by FCO, but remains suspended by it

Mr Craig Murray, formerly British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, has been praised in a Foreogn and Commonwealth Office report for drawing attention to human rights abuses there. However, he was some time ago 'recalled' from his post, then suspended indefinitely and it is stated by the FCO that he had lost the confidence of senior officials and colleagues.

Mr Murray contents that he has been victimised becasue he has criticised MI6 for using intelligence gained under torture by the Uzbek authorities (there have been persistent rumours that suspects have been handed to the Uzbek authorities by western governments - the US being most frequently mentioned - so their intelligence services are not directly involved in the torture they are alleged to turn a 'blind eye' to). This brings to mind the saying that a diplomat is a person sent abroad to lie on behalf of his country. Mr Murray is very probably a very sound individual whose conscience has placed him at odds with some of his colleagues (and servants of our government) with less highly-developed ethics. Sordid.

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