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Tuesday 5 October 2004

Many grassroots Tories remain as homophobic as ever

According to a survey carried out by the BBC, and reported by, 53 Conservative constituency chairmen from 110 surveyed across the country told the BBC they were against giving the rights and responsibilities of marriage to same-sex couples, whereas 35 of the constituency chairman support legislation to give equality to lesbian and gay couples, while 22 refused to answer or did not know.

It is all very well for the Leadership of the Party to try and portray it as more modern in its outlook (as Theresa May did today, once more), but the harsh reality is that a large proportion of Conservative Party activists around the country have not changed their homophobic attitudes, not one little bit. Naturally I will be listening to the rest of the week's activities in Bournemouth with some interest, and I have to say that some of the 'economic' noises being made seem quite sound, and leader Michael Howard made a very good speech today, which was quite moving in parts.

Nevertheless one comes back, again and again, to the realisation that whilst the Party may be fiscally liberal, on social matters the grass-roots of the Party remains as bigoted as ever. Sigh ...

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