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Tuesday 12 October 2004

For those who think the war in Iraq was wrong ...

... rush over to read a brillant satire at PooterGeek; well worth a few moments of anyone's time.

Very clever!

UPDATE: (Wednesday 13OCT04 11.25 BST) Another excellent post (and links from his post) today by PooterGeek, a very explicit follow-on from the one I referred to yesterday. This also, I strongly suspect, has relevance to the negative comments I was the subject of in the comments area of another blog a few days ago, which I wrote about here. Some people, it seems specially to be those with 'right on' left-wing views, which they would describe as 'liberal', take it extremely unkindly when their views are challenged - then the polite veneer very quickly vanishes. I doubt if this will deter me, though.

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